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Please create the best memorable page in Okunikko, where the four seasons change abundantly.

For students on school trips and groups!

Please use it for training trips at work, school excursions, training camps at seminars, and so on.
We are waiting for consultation from the secretary who wants to make everyone enjoy.
  • School excursion

    The nature of Okunikko that shows different appearances depending on the season.
    "Spa Village Kamaya" is located in a place surrounded by such nature.
    We will help not only students but also teachers to have the best memories.
    Depending on the number of people, it is possible to reserve the entire building.Please feel free to contact us.
  • Training/camp

    Communicate in a different environment than usual! It is also attractive to take a hot spring.
    In the spring, you can take a nature bath with greenery.
    The summer is cool and perfect for study camps.There is no air conditioner either.
    Autumn is the autumn leaves.Your heart will be healed by the beautiful nature such as red and yellow.
    Skiing in winter.Ski areas are also nearby.
    And,A bath with a free-flowing source.There is also a hot spring in the vicinity and the amount of hot water is plentiful.
    Heal your tired body during training and training camps.
  • User guide

    • Admission
      Please enter from the entrance.
      In the case of fine weather, such as the entrance ceremony, the building is on the western plaza,
      In the case of rain, please use the hall on the 3rd floor or the dining room for dinner.
    • Room
      Please use the room marked with a circle on the floor plan.
      The staff room will be the teacher's room, and the crew and photographer (depending on circumstances) will be in another building.
      *Once you have decided on the room allocation, please let us know the number of people in each room.
      The TV can be turned off if desired.
      Valuables can be stored at the front desk upon request.
    • Footwear
      Please leave your shoes on when entering your room.
      After entering the facility, please use slippers inside the facility.
    • Bath
      Boys can use Nantai-no-yu (20 people, 7 spots), and girls can use Nyoho-no-yu (20 people, 8 spots).
      If you cannot join the teachers and other students, please use Taro-no-yu (5 people).
      (Both baths are available 24 hours)
      We will prepare the bathing time at the designated time.
      Bath towels will be provided in the changing room.(Bath fixtures:shampoo/Body soap/1 bath towel per person)
    • Meal
      Please select your menu in advance and contact us 10 days before your stay.
      Meals will be served in the dining room on the first floor.
      The meal will be served at the facility, but the rice will be prepared on the table in a bowl.
      Students are kindly requested to waitperson.
      When you have finished eating, please bring the tableware to each table.
    • Futon (Japanese bedding)
      Futons are placed in your room.Please prepare yourself.
      If you don't have enough, please talk to the front desk.
      When putting them away, do not put them in the closet and remove the sheets and pillow cover and place them together.
    • Recreation
      Please use the multipurpose hall on the 3rd floor.You can request the time.
      Fukube-zaiku (Fukube gourd handicrafts) and Nikko-bori (Nikko woodcarving) can also be arranged.
      Campfires can be done at designated locations(For a charge)
    • Water bottle tea
      If you want water bottle tea supply.(For cold water and PET bottles, please water yourself at 2.3F washroom.)
      Please empty your water bottle and leave it on the table in front of the shop on the 1st floor at night, with only one lid on the inside.
      We will have bancha at the morning facility.(About 50℃)
    • Drinking water
      Drinking water in this facility is also good tap water in the washroom,
      We will prepare bancha for each floor corridor with water tank.
      A paper cup will be provided, so please write your name and use it.
    • vending machine
      We will cut off the power supply upon request.
    • broadcast
      Broadcasting can be broadcast throughout the building with a wireless microphone.
    • Medical
      If someone becomes unwell, they will be directed to Chuzenji Oku- Okunikko Clinic (0288-55-0501) or Nikko Citizen's Hospital (0288-50-1188).
      It may be compatible with ambulances at night.
    • Government office
      【Police station Nikko Police Station】
      ・Address:2-2-2 Inari Town, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture 321-1411

      【Fire Department Nikko Fire Department】
      ・Address:568-1 Goko Town, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture 321-1404

      【Public Health Center Public Health Center(Health and welfare center)】
      ・Address:51-8 Segawa, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture 321-1263
  • About meal

    One from pan A, B, C.Please choose one from Western dishes 1 and 2.

    Please choose one from breakfast 1 and 2.


    • A:Hamburger steak
      chicken/Cow/onion/Starch/egg/bread crumbs/Tonkatsu sauce/tomato ketchup/Chicken consomme/Whole cone/carrot/parsley/Salt
    • B:Steamed pork(Steamed pork and vegetables)
    • C:Chicken stew in tomato sauce
      chicken/whole tomato/tomato ketchup/flour/potato/onion/broccoli/Chicken consomme/Salt
    • Western plate 1
      Fried Shrimp:shrimp/flour/bread crumbs/egg/Starch/vegetable oil
      Chinese chive bun:Chinese chive/pork/Shiitake/Starch/flour/Sesame oil/sugar/soy sauce/Salt
      Tsukune Teriyaki:Chicken / Onion / Bread crumbs / Starch / Sugar / Soy sauce / Ginger / Egg white
      Picked from birds:Chicken / Salt / Ginger / Soy sauce / Starch / Egg / Soybean / Vegetable oil
      Neapolitan:Spaghetti/tomato ketchup/salt/Pepper
    • Western plate 2
      Pork Shumai:Pork / chicken / onion / ginger / starch / egg / flour / soybean
      Vegetable croquette:potato/onion/carrot/Corn/Greenpeace/flour/Salt/sugar/margarine
      Spring roll:Bamboo shoots / Cabbage / Carrots / Pork / Harukame / Shiitake mushrooms / Ginger / Starch / Gelatin / Bottle soup / Sugar / Salt
      potato salad:potato/onion/carrot/Corn/vegetable oil/sugar/egg/Chicken powder/Salt/broccoli
    • Dishes common to each menu
      Boiled food:Taguriyuba / taro / carrot / green beans / bonito soup stock / soy sauce
      Somen:Somen / Green onion / Bonito soup stock / Soy sauce
      Dessert:milk/Agar/sugar/Glucose/Kucono Fruit
      Rice:Koshihikari Produced in Tochigi Prefecture
      Soup:Knotted Yuba / Versatile Green Onion / Soy Sauce / Bonito Dashi


    • Breakfast 1【Japanese food set】
      salted salmon
      Bamboo paste:fish meat/egg/Starch/salt
      sausage:fish meat/Pork extract/Starch/gelatin/salt
      Omelet:egg/Bonito soup/salt/Sugar
      Kinpira burdock:Burdock/carrot/soy sauce/sugar/Soybean oil/Gum
      vegetable salad:cabbage/lettuce/carrot/Tomato/vegetable oil/tomato ketchup/salt/egg/Gum/egg/Soy protein/flour/Starch/Salt
      Sprinkle:Gum/egg/Soy protein/flour/Starch/Salt
      Rice:Koshihikari Produced in Tochigi Prefecture
      Miso soup:Shonai/Seaweed/miso/Bonito soup
    • Breakfast 2【Western food set】
      Hash browns:potato/flour/Salt/vegetable oil
      plain omelette:Eggs / Bonito stock / Starch / Sugar / Salt / Soybean oil
      Pork wiener:pork/Starch/Salt/Sugar
      tomato ketchup:Tomato/onion/sugar/Brewed vinegar/Salt/carrot
      Spinach saute:Spinach/butter/salt
      vegetable salad:cabbage/lettuce/Mizuna/carrot/Tomato/vegetable oil/tomato ketchup/salt/Lemon/egg
      Soup:sweet corn/flour/Starch/milk/cheese/Salt
    • Continuous stay menu change
      Western plate / Neapolitan / Spaghetti → shell macaroni / Somen / Egg tofu / Dessert / Orange / Soup / Egg / Bonito soup stock / Soy sauce

      *If you stay for two nights, the stews and desserts will change.
      *Contents may change due to purchasing circumstances.
      *Please contact us 10 days before your stay to apply.
    • menu order form
      You can download a printable menu order form from the link below.
    • Dining Hall
      Both evening and morning meals will be prepared in the dining hall on the 1st floor.
      We will prepare seats according to your request, so please feel free to ask.
      *Please contact us if you are staying in the same or other school accommodation.
    • Examples of meal venue usage
  • About the room

    ・Rooms:Japanese-style room/Size:22 square meters/Number of rooms:12 rooms/Capacity:Maximum 10 people/Notes:With toilet and refrigerator
    ・Rooms:Japanese-style room/Size:11 square meters/Number of rooms:2 rooms/Capacity:Maximum capacity 5 people/Notes:With toilet
    ・Rooms:Western-style room/Size:Western-style twin/Number of rooms:12 rooms/Capacity:Maximum capacity 5 people/Notes:With toilet
    *The entire building can be reserved for 30 people or more, so please contact us for details.
    • About guest rooms
      For any questions or requests regarding accommodation, please contact us using the email form below.

      【Amenities(Teacher only)】
      Hand towel/bath towel/toothbrush/Yukata
      *Not attached to children

      【Futon bed】
      Be self-service
    • Example of laying out futons
  • About usage fee in this facility

    • About hands-on learning
      【Fukube-zaiku (Fukube gourd handicrafts)】
      ・1 hour to 1 hour 20 minutes/1,260 yen(30 or more)
      *Separate instruction fee

      【Nikko-bori (Nikko woodcarving)】
      ・1 hour and 30 minutes/1,200 yen
      *Teacher fee separately

      ・18,900 yen (1 set "torch included")
    • About the meeting
      【coffee/tea set】

      【Midnight snack(2 rice balls + side dishes)】
      For a charge

      【assorted fruit(4 to 5)】
      For a charge

      【Hors d'oeuvre(4 to 5)】
      For a charge

      For a charge

      *You can order until 17:00.
      *It is a set at the start.We cannot accept additional orders.
      *You can bring your own drinks and food.
    • About cigarette
      The 2nd floor is a completely non-smoking floor, and smoking is prohibited in the dining room and public spaces.

      【Smoking place】
      Only available in guest rooms on the 3rd floor and common room on the 1st floor.
  • Equipment outline

    【Hotel Name】
    Spa Village Kamaya

    2549-28 Yumoto, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture


    • Maximum capacity/(Minimum number of guests)
      【Elementary school-aged children】
      110 people/(30 people)

      【Junior school students】
      80 people/(30 people)

      【High school students】
      70 people/(30 people)
    • Rooms
      【Japanese-style room】
      14 rooms

      【Western-style Room】
      2 rooms
    • Meal
      Restaurant chair table seat 110 people

      Dinner:17:30 to 19:00/Breakfast:From 6:50 to 8:30

      No for banquets at dinner
    • Bathing
      Large Communal Bath:20 men/20 girls
      There is an open-air bath

      【Time zone】
      Specified time

      【Bath facilities】
      Men's Karan 7 places/8 women's Karan locations

      【Bath fixtures】
      shampoo/Body soap/Bath towel(One per person)
    • Bedclothes
      Comforter / 1 mattress each / Set for each person in the room Self-service
    • Guest Room Equipment
      【TV set】
      Yes/Can be cut




      【room bath】

      One each for men and women in the large public bath changing room.

      【Valuables management】
      Collect valuables in bags in each room and store them at the front desk.

      【Room key】
      Provided on request

      【Foot management】
      Shoe rack in each room, use slippers after entering the building
    • Facilities inside the facility
      【Public phone】

      【vending machine】
      juice/1 beer shared/Can be cut

      【In-hotel shop】

      【Air conditioning】
      Heating only(Hot water hot air type)

    • Other
      【Water bottle】
      Morning tea served at the table in front of the shop on the 1st floor at night.

      【Luggage first-come-first-served basis】
      Yes(Stored in the lobby)
    • Broadcast facility
      The whole building is available / the floor can be switched
    • Getting on and off the bus
      In front of the entrance
    • Jurisdiction【Part 1】
      【Police station Nikko Police Station】
      ・Address:2-2-2 Inari Town, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture 321-1411

      【Fire Department Nikko Fire Department】
      ・Address:568-1 Goko Town, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture 321-1404

      【Public Health Center Public Health Center(Health and welfare center)】
      ・Address:51-8 Segawa, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture 321-1263
    • Jurisdiction【Part 2】
      【Hospital Nikko Citizen's Hospital】
      ・Address:321-1441 1750 Arasawa, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture
      *40 minutes by car, insurance card photocopy accepted

      【Hospital Okunikko Clinic】
      ・Address:321-1661 2478-22 Chugushi, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture
      *15 minutes by car, insurance card photocopy accepted